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Founded in 2012 to build high-end thought leadership around e-commerce strategies and technology solutions for the fashion retail industry, Fashion Digital is held in Los Angeles, New York, and now London annually.

A qualified Retailer or Brand is any organization who sells good directly to consumers, through a physical store, an online store, or through another retailer. E.g. Macy’s is considered a qualified retailer, and Levi’s is considered a qualified Brand.

A Non-Retailer is anyone who seeks a business-to-business relationship (client, partner, etc.) with retailers or brands. This includes software and technology providers, third party logistics providers, SaaS companies, marketing services, ad networks, mobile app developers, publishers, consultants or companies whose primary revenues are from commissions and/or advertising. In the case of companies that sell products and provide 3rd party services, qualification will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis based around the ROLE of the participant within their organization.