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Lessons from the Other Side: How Retail’s Innovators are Dispelling The Ghost Economy – An $800B Issue of Vanishing Profits

The Ghost Economy is plaguing all facets of retail - a perpetual disconnect between inventory and stock data, marketing and C-level teams, creating an $800 billion profit loss for retailers worldwide. And with the complexity of assortment, personalization requirements and increasing customer expectations, fashion retail is struggling more than any industry to connect data and operational silos to drive profits. So what’s a retailer to do? Learn from John Squire, president of OrderDynamics, and one of the preeminent industry thought leaders, Ron Offir, who has held the posts of SVP of Global eCommerce at Michael Kors, President of the Jones Group Direct and Divisional VP of how leading edge fashion retailers are driving intelligent commerce. They will answer the toughest questions facing fashion retailers:

  • How can retailers of all sizes ensure that they properly manage their inventory to avoid terrifying out-of-stocks, inventory distortion and shopping cart abandonment?
  • Large retailers are constantly missing their quarterly numbers at spine-chilling rates. What are the underlying problems of The Ghost Economy and how can retailers of all sizes re-think the way their organizations are fundamentally structured?
  • Despite all the talk about “omni-channel commerce,” cross-channel shopping today is a frightfully disconnected process. When can we expect to see retailing become truly seamless and who (if anyone) is doing it right today?
  • Personalization is slated to be the largest expenditure for retailers in 2014, but how can fashion retailers connect their businesses (orders, stock, operations, marketing and data) to offer the seamless customer experience that personalization promises?

Moderator John Squire will not only ask Ron the tough questions that attendees need answers to in order to be successful in the year ahead, but will offer his vast experience working with customers including Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus and Revolve Clothing on how to take action on their data, acquire new customers and drive incremental revenue from their connected businesses.

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Ron OffirRon Offir, Retail & E-commerce Executive, Advisor, Investor

Michael Kors. The Jones Group. Coach. Gap. The names that are synonymous with eCommerce and digital marketing excellence have a common bond: Ron Offir. Having served most recently as the Senior Vice President of Global eCommerce for Michael Kors, Ron led the global digital transformation of the brand as they launched a new world-class digital flagship experience. He served as the President of The Jones Group Direct, the firm’s $700M+, 5,000+ employee retail and eCommerce direct-to-consumer division and as President of eCommerce.


John SquireJohn Squire, President, OrderDynamics

John Squire has spent more than a decade pioneering retail innovation and is passionate about helping leading retailers and brands realize new levels of vision and performance. Prior to eCommera, John spent 11 years driving Coremetrics’ growth to become the industry’s leading web analytics tool. He then went on to serve as the Chief Strategy Officer of IBM Smarter Commerce. John is a recognized expert on retail industry trends, and has offered his insights to audiences at preeminent industry events including He has a remarkable ability to combine innovative thinking, strategic leadership and practical application to solve retailers’ biggest challenges. This, combined with his engaging and enthusiastic style have made him a regular contributor to CNN, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, LA Times, NBC News and Forbes.