True Fit Workshop

The Big Payoff: Why New Incremental Growth Depend On Personalized Discovery & Confidence

Digital apparel / footwear sales continue to grow globally as consumers diversify their channel spending preferences. Learn how leading retailers are leveraging massive data and technology to power personalized discovery and fit confidence. Learn proven strategies that are consistently driving 3-6X conversion rate increases, 12X+ ROI, and an average 8% new incremental revenue lift to the overall business. As this massive rebalancing of consumer spending continues to shift between digital and brick and mortar, the retailers who are equipped to help consumers increase their confidence and efficiently help them discover the items they’ll fall in love with are the ones who will best capitalize on this digital land-grab we’re experiencing.


Romney EvansRomney Evans, Co-Founder, True Fit

Romney is an award-winning product & marketing leader, and entrepreneur. True Fit began when Romney sat outside a dressing room hearing his wife struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans. After the 12th unsuccessful pair, Romney – experienced in disruptive innovation from working at HBS innovation guru Clayton Christensen’s Innosight – figured there had to be a better way. The idea for True Fit was born: combine big data with a simple user experience to effortlessly find the right styles. Romney has helped grow True Fit into the global leader in fit personalization. Now, True Fit powers fit personalization for the world’s leading retailers and a growing network of over 1,000 top footwear and apparel brands.
Chris MooreChris Moore, Ph.D., Chief Analytics Officer, True Fit

Christopher is a data science leader with diverse experience leveraging massive data to solve challenging problems in retail, pharmaceuticals discovery & development, and financial management. Prior to joining True Fit, he was the Chief Scientist at CargoMetrics, a technology-driven hedge fund where he designed proprietary investment models. Before that he worked in the pharmaceuticals industry at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Johnson & Johnson, and TransForm pharmaceuticals, where he led a skilled team of experienced scientists in data analysis, modeling, and virology in the development of new transdermal formulations. He also led the team in a project sponsored by the Gates Foundation to improve the thermal stability of measles vaccine. He also worked as a Senior Scientist at ProfitLogic where he developed optimal pricing strategies and business optimization solutions for apparel and footwear retailers.

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