Magento Workshop

Rethinking Mobile Engagement with Responsive Web Design

Mobile has transcended devices to represent a continuum of engagement. It is the connective tissue behind the personal experiences that your customers share through and with your brand. Mobile is the fastest growing mode of purchasing, and yet, in survey after survey, consumers identify it as the least satisfying experience. There is a huge pay-off to getting it right.

Magento, Blue Acorn and Rebecca Minkoff will host an interactive workshop focusing on insights and best practices for mobile engagement that deliver the customer experience and returns that you expect.

This workshop is a must for anyone considering a responsive eCommerce site as well as anyone looking to optimize an existing responsive site for maximal engagement across multiple devices and channels.


Emily CulpEmily Culp, SVP - E-commerce, Rebecca Minkoff

Emily Culp is the Senior Vice President of eCommerce, Marketing & Retail at Rebecca Minkoff. She focuses on consumer marketing and driving revenue across all channels (web, mobile, retail stores, social, etc.) and strives to find new ways to innovate and adapt marketing strategies for the modern consumer.Emily has a diverse background in marketing, and has successfully led the global marketing teams at Clinique and Unilever. At Clinique, Emily formed the Global Digital/Consumer Marketing & Media Group. She established the global integrated marketing strategy which led to launching CRM, a consumer panel, a retail diagnostic test, social media, mobile, search and video content.At Unilever, she led the formation of the Amazon Unilever partnership and launched eCommerce brand stores. She also oversaw all 30+ brands in the social media space. Emily holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from Wake Forest University.
Kevin EichelbergerKevin Eichelberger, Founder & CEO, Blue Acorn

Kevin Eichelberger is the Founder & CEO of Blue Acorn, a premium eCommerce agency that designs, builds, and optimizes eCommerce sites for brands and online retailers by leveraging its experience with innovative eCommerce development and the intelligence available through its clients’ data. A results-oriented entrepreneur, Kevin exhibits a focus on measurable success and remains committed to helping others understand the impact of the changes they make to their sites. By incorporating data and testing into the traditional design and development processes, Kevin has assembled a team that delivers not only features to their clients, but results.
Lisa ButlerLisa Butler, Head of Enterprise Solutions, eBay Enterprise

Lisa Butler joined eBay Enterprise (a leading provider of commerce technologies, omnichannel operations and marketing solutions for the world’s premier retailers and brands) in June 2012 and is Head of Enterprise Solutions Enablement. Her Team enables collaboration across the sales teams, drives sales support operations, global partnerships and cross-organizational processes while maintaining solid relationships with key innovators and thought-leaders in the industry. Before coming to eBay Enterprise, Lisa led the worldwide Solutions Consulting Team at Oracle’s ATG Web Commerce division. In the course of her career, she has held several leadership positions in the commerce space where she concentrated on building high-performing teams and driving client success.

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