Relevance is the New Black: Convert Browsers Into Buyers With the Ultimate User Experience

The path to purchase has grown more complex over the years due to our constant digital connectivity. Shopping has now become a dynamic online and offline experience for consumers, which presents retailers with even more opportunities to offer the right products at the right time. 

Roland Gossage, Founder and CEO of GroupBy Inc. will be highlighting the importance of improving your site’s relevancy, while demonstrating the top five most common search issues retailers face, and offering powerful insights into the ultimate user experience in this new age of e-commerce.

Roland GossageRoland Gossage, Managing Partner, Groupby

Roland Gossage is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GroupBy Inc, an industry-leading provider of e-commerce and media solutions. At GroupBy, Roland is responsible for the vision, direction, and overall operations. An 18 year veteran of the software industry, Roland has extensive sales, services, engineering, and business development leadership experience in the e-commerce, search, and BI software verticals. Prior to GroupBy, he was a vice president at Endeca, holding numerous positions while there. Roland is also a director and member of Flax Energy Corp’s Board of Directors.
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