Bronto Workshop

The real fun starts after the sale: How to boost loyalty with post-purchase marketing

The post-purchase experience can determine whether a customer will become a loyal and repeat purchaser - maybe even a brand advocate - or simply a one-and-done passerby. Carefully crafting a post-purchase marketing program that fits your brand and your customer’s expectations is critical in reinforcing the customer’s perceived value of what they just bought. This session will explore post-purchase messaging programs that will keep your customer buying time and time again.

We’ll cover:

  • The goldmine of data you now have access to that can enhance your messaging strategy
  • Types of messages to include in your series
  • How to balance all customer messaging during the post purchase phase
  • First time vs. repeat purchasers: Ways to differentiate the funnel
  • Message timing, key considerations and often overlooked pitfalls to avoid


Greg ZakowiczGreg Zakowicz, Marketing Strategist, Bronto

Greg Zakowicz is a marketing strategist at Bronto Software where he works with retail and commerce clients offering strategic advice and tactics on how to increase the revenue potential of their email programs. With over ten years of experience managing marketing programs, Greg brings a wealth of experience in email and online marketing for e-commerce. As a results-driven marketer, Greg is especially attune to metrics-based analysis which he uses to help improve the marketing programs and performance for his clients.

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