Day 1 Agenda 2014

Day 1 is a day of tactical, educational workshops for the manager-level and coordinator-level fashion e-commerce professional on the “blocking and tackling” of fashion digital. Taking place on October 20 at Digital Sandbox, each customized workshop will be taught by the experts and will allow attendees to hone in on critical skills necessary for business growth.

8:00 AM: Dining Area

Registration & Networking Breakfast

Join us for the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and network with fellow retailers, agencies, consultants, and tech providers.

8:40 AM: Room A

The Real Fun Starts After The Sale: How to Boost Loyalty With Post-Purchase Marketing

The post-purchase experience can determine whether a customer will become a loyal and repeat purchaser - maybe even a brand advocate - or simply a one-and-done passerby. Carefully crafting a post-purchase marketing program that fits your brand and your customer’s expectations is critical in reinforcing the customer’s perceived value of what they just bought. This session will explore post-purchase messaging programs that will keep your customer buying time and time again. Learn more…


  • Greg Zakowicz, Marketing Strategist, Bronto Software

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8:40 AM: Room B

You Can’t Be Too Fast Or Too Fat: How Web Performance Impacts Brand Experience

Learn how web performance impacts your business and brand experience while we shine some light on how your benchmarks compare against your peers. You’ll depart this workshop with 5 web performance questions to take to IT. Learn more…


  • David Hsieh, VP - Marketing, Instart Logic

Workshop Presented By:

Instart Logic

8:40 AM: Room C

What Heads of eCommerce Should Know about PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)

What is PCI DSS? How are you likely to find out about PCI? How do the risks differ for eCommerce vs. Brick and Mortar companies
Learn more…


  • Kurt Hagerman, CISO, Firehost

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9:45 AM: Room A

The Big Payoff: Why New Incremental Growth Depend On Personalized Discovery & Confidence

Digital apparel / footwear sales continue to grow globally as consumers diversify their channel spending preferences. Learn how leading retailers are leveraging massive data and technology to power personalized discovery and fit confidence. Learn proven strategies that are consistently driving 3-6X conversion rate increases, 12X+ ROI, and an average 8% new incremental revenue lift to the overall business. As this massive rebalancing of consumer spending continues to shift between digital and brick and mortar, the retailers who are equipped to help consumers increase their confidence and efficiently help them discover the items they’ll fall in love with are the ones who will best capitalize on this digital land-grab we’re experiencing. Learn more…


  • Romney Evans, Co-Founder, True Fit
  • Chris Moore, Ph.D., Chief Analytics Officer, True Fit

Workshop Presented By:

True Fit

9:45 AM: Room B

2014 The Year of Social Merchandising: Using Social Media to Drive Content, Engagement and Purchasing Behavior

Social media has realized rapid evolution as a medium over the past year. Retailers have come to use social media not only as a tool for sharing information and engaging with customers, but as a springboard for brand content and merchandising tactics. What once was a single concept of “social media” is now specialized subsections that can be leveraged to drive specific aspects of user interaction. Learn more…


  • Sarah Griffis, Senior E-commerce Analyst, Lyons Consultant
  • Danielle Savin, Director – Retail Strategy Consulting, Lyons Consulting Group

Workshop Presented By:

Lyons Consulting

9:45 AM: Room C

Leveraging Retention to Optimize Customer Acquisition

It is 5x more cost-effective to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one, yet only 16% of companies place their primary focus on retention. Join Adam Schwartz, COO/Co-Founder of BustedTees and TeePublic, and Cassie Lancellotti-Young, Sailthru’s VP of Analytics and Optimization, as they explore frameworks for calculating the true long-term costs of customer acquisition and how those vary by channel, delineating between short-term optimization and long-term business value as well as tools for determining the appropriate trade-offs between quantity and quality in the marketing funnel so as to both drive incremental business revenue and protect long-term customer value. Learn more…


  • Adam Schwartz, Chief Operating Officer, Busted Tees
  • Cassie Lancellotti-Young, EVP of Customer Success, SailThru

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10:45 AM: Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Networking Break
Enjoy a delicious mid-morning snack and refreshments while mingling and comparing notes with industry executives.

11:25 AM: Room A

Predict the Future, Increase your Profit: How Guess? and Other Leading Retailers Are Driving ROI with Predictive Analytics

Hear insights learned by working with leading online and omnichannel fashion and lifestyle retailers such as Guess?, Etsy, Bonobos, NastyGal, BaubleBar, and Tibi about using customer segmentation and predictive analytics to make their acquisition and retention marketing programs more profitable, increasing customer spend by 20% with 10x ROI. Learn more…


  • Victoria Grahan, Director of CRM, Guess?
  • Corey Pierson, Co-Founder and CEO, Custora

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11:25 AM: Room B

Rethinking Mobile Engagement with Responsive Web Design

Mobile has transcended devices to represent a continuum of engagement. It is the connective tissue behind the personal experiences that your customers share through and with your brand. Mobile is the fastest growing mode of purchasing, and yet, in survey after survey, consumers identify it as the least satisfying experience. There is a huge pay-off to getting it right. Learn more…


  • Lisa Butler, Head of Enterprise Solutions, eBay Enterprise
  • Emily Culp, SVP - E-commerce, Rebecca Minkoff
  • Kevin Eichelberger, Founder & CEO, Blue Acorn

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11:25 AM: Room C

Canada: The Runway to Growth; Insights on the Canadian Shopper and Key Factors For Successful Market Entry

Looking for the runway to retail growth? Look north to Canada. Shoppers in this fashion-conscious market spend 52% more on apparel and accessories than their US counterparts, and, according to Canada’s leading eCommerce shipping company, Canada Post, online purchases from fashion retailers are growing at a year-over-year rate of 25%. Learn more…


  • Valerie Normand, Director - E-commerce Solutions Integration, Canada Post
  • Jennifer Lee, Partner/National Digital & Omnichannel Consumer Business Leader, Deloitte Canada

Workshop Presented By:

Canada Post

12:30 PM: Room A

Thinking Small: Why Loyalty Marketing is Replacing Mass Marketing to Drive Acquisition and CLTV

The typical customer no longer exists. Consumers see themselves as individuals and they want to do more than shop—they want a relationship with their favorite brands. Affiliate marketing lacks personalization and broad campaigns too often miss the mark. Learn more…


  • Blake Hall, Founder & CEO
  • Marko Bon, UX / Creative / Digital Strategy Consultant

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12:30 PM: Room B

Relevance is the New Black: Convert Browsers Into Buyers With the Ultimate User Experience

The path to purchase has grown more complex over the years due to our constant digital connectivity. Shopping has now become a dynamic online and offline experience for consumers, which presents retailers with even more opportunities to offer the right products at the right time. Learn more…


  • Roland Gossage, Founder & CEO, Groupby

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12:30 PM: Room C

Re-platform Decision Making - Industry Trends, Best Practices, and Pitfalls to Avoid

Over the past decade, the needs of online retailers have evolved As a result, the requirements for their eCommerce websites have evolved as well. Most retailers are finding that their legacy platforms are in desperate need of an upgrade, or in some cases, a complete overhaul. In fact, when surveyed, 52% of retailers expressed that the ecommerce platform would be their technology priority spend this year. Learn more…


  • Christopher Langway, VP - E-commerce Business Strategist, Optaros
  • Peter Beaugard, Director of Brand Strategy, Dooney & Bourke
  • David Burbine, Web Director, Dooney & Bourke

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1:30 PM: General Session

Network Lunch & Exhibits

2:30 PM: Room A

The Evolution of Payments

How is mobile technology impacting the way consumers make payments? What technologies are trending in the retail payment world? Find out what is happening in the retail payments industry and what you can do to keep up with the changing landscape.
Learn more…


  • Chester Ritchie, SVP - Head of Market Development & Strategy, Worldpay

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2:30 PM: Room B

Transforming Retail Into Me-tail Through Email Marketing Automation

Consumer expectations for a personalized shopping experience is at an alarming level – 90%! (IBM 2014). Alarming because less than a third of retailers are capitalizing on consumer data to deliver the much demanded personalized experience across all channels. Learn more…


  • Jonny Dixon, Ecommerce Channel Manager, dotmailer
  • Mark Lippmann, Managing Director, Deborah Lippmann

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2:30 PM: Room C

Making Connections: The Fashion Retail Dating Game Connecting Personalization and Profitability

2015 is emerging as the year of Personalization. There is no doubt that fashion retailers need to be acutely focused on their customer experience and anticipating their shoppers’ needs before they are even voiced. Yet, the fact remains that retailers have products to sell – on their shelves and in their warehouses – many of which were purchased months ago. It’s not just about showing the customer the right product at the right time; you must find the right customer for your product. In order to succeed, fashion retailers must embrace intelligent commerce, which means creating deeper connections between their data, inventory and organizations and being able to take action on that data to best serve their customer and company needs. Learn more…


  • Kylee Hall, Director of Product Marketing, OrderDynamics

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3:35 PM: Room A

The Future of Visual Merchandising Online: ROI Strategies, Tools, and Best Practices

Today’s omni-channel retailers need to recruit talented, highly productive and commercially aware Visual Merchandisers (VM) who can make an impact on their bottom line. VM’s have to be super-creative and possess a huge skill set to be able to analyze sales data, predict seasonal trends, and keep abreast of their competitors’ activities across different channels and markets. Learn more…


  • David Caples, Director of Channel WW, Peer1 Hosting
  • Dan Garner, Founder, On Tap

Workshop Presented By:

Peer1 Hosting

3:35 PM: Room B

Businesses are Expected to Lose $4 Trillion to Abandoned Online Shopping Carts this Year: What Businesses Can do to Prevent Cart Abandonment, Improve Online Checkout and Drive Sales

A recent report by Business Insider found that online businesses will lose $4 trillion to abandoned shopping carts this year, a trend that has been increasing in recent years. Learn more…


  • Malia Nagle, Director of Design Research, PayPal
  • Sarah Davis, Founder & COO, Fashionphile
  • Mark O’Neill, CTO, JackThreads

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